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Privacy policy statement

Occupational Impact is a caring, effective and dynamic provider of health services in injury prevention and injury management. We use practical activity, skill and knowledge to grow with our clients to do.. be.. and become better.

Occupational Impact can be contacted at:
PO Box 3766
Hermit Park
Q 4812
Telephone 04 1114 2606
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Purpose of collecting personal information

As a health practice, Occupational Impact collects personal information about you to provide you with excellent service. We are also required to include some personal information on correspondence to others involved in your activities.

Method of collecting personal information

In most instances, we collect your personal information from you when you complete a registration form – click here to download.

Referral letter
For injury management services, in most instances the person referring you to us provides some personal information in the referral letter.

We may collect personal information from face-to-face and telephone conversations and this may be documented in your clinical file. This verbal information can be from you. With your permission, this information can also be from others associated with you.

It is often to your benefit for photographs to be used. We seek your consent prior to taking and distributing photographs – click here to download.


Please help us to stay up to date by ensuring the accuracy of information on our records.

Storage of personal information

Your personal information is stored electronically in our Practice Management software and our Accounting software. Electronic backup occurs on a regular basis (the information storage provider has signed a confidentiality agreement). At any time the office is not attended, it is our policy to shutdown and lock away computers containing personal information.

Hard copy information
Hard copy information is locked away when not immediately in use. This includes securing paperwork in a locked bag during transit.

Other security measures

All contracted suppliers to Occupational Impact that may have temporary access to electronic or hard copy information are required to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to do business with Occupational Impact. This includes accountants, bookkeepers, and computer engineers among others.

Disclosure of personal information

To you
According to the National Privacy Principles, you are entitled to apply for access to the personal information we hold about you. An Access to Information form is available for this purpose. Your file contains abbreviations, medical terminology and professional jargon.  Included in the process of releasing file information is a meeting with the Principal of Occupational Impact to explain the information contained in your file. We are often able to provide you with copies of documents prepared by Occupational Impact.  Bear in mind, to protect the privacy of others, there are many instances where we will refer you elsewhere for copies of documents. Even though the documents are about you, they may be “owned” by others.

To others
In the majority of cases we only release personal information about you with your express permission. This includes general requests for file copies by solicitors. On rare occasions file information may be requested via a court order or similar, and in these situations we are obliged to release the information regardless of your consent. We are also bound by an ethical Duty of Care to reveal information if we have genuine grounds for concern of some harm to you or others.


Should you wish to make a complaint about your privacy, please forward in writing addressed to:
The Principal
Occupational Impact
PO Box 3766
Hermit Park
Q 4812

Changes to Occupational Impact privacy policy

We reserve the right to review and update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Check the website for current version.

Further information

Full detail of the Federal Privacy Act 1988 is available on