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Unique to Occupational Impact is the concept of the Occupational Therapy Problem Solver. With this service, Vicki Strelan consults and gives advice on issues relating to occupational therapy, injury prevention and injury management.

She also mentors occupational therapists, acting as a trouble shooter, coach and teacher. The strength of this service to employers is that, when needed, they can ‘plug in’ an experienced occupational therapist.

Vicki will help you tap into your own resources and help you become aware of new resources. She will call on a broad network of expertise to deliver the ‘plug in’ service. The outcomes will be greater professional competence, confidence and job satisfaction.

Available for individuals and through small Skill Spread group programs.

A flexible locum arrangement is available to therapists wanting to keep work running while they are on leave. Locums are contracted with confidentiality assured.

Clinic connect is useful for:

  • Self-employed occupational therapists who need a holiday and are looking for an experienced and trustworthy locum to keep work running while they are away.
  • Occupational therapists wanting to develop clinical skills.
  • Therapists working in non clinical roles, for example case management, who want to increase the variety of their daily work.
  • Therapists who are new to the profession and have little experience.
  • Therapists who have been working in one area for a while and want to build a bridge to a new area.
  • Therapists who would like private tutoring.