Do... Be... Become... Better...

Vicki Strelan has been working in hand and upper limb rehabilitation since the 1990s, treating everything from hand re-plantation after crocodile attack to common conditions like carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and rotator cuff.

Hand therapyIn 1999 Vicki was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Hand and Upper Limb Rehabilitation by Curtin University, Western Australia.

Since 2000 she has written curriculum in hand and upper limb rehabilitation and taught final year undergraduate occupational therapy students at James Cook University.

From 2000 to 2006 Vicki ran a private practice in hand therapy in Townsville known as Reach Rehabilitation Pty Ltd and trained numerous occupational therapists to work in hand and upper limb rehabilitation.

In 2010 the Australian Hand Therapy Association selected Vicki to be the Queensland presenter of the level 1 and level 2 Trauma course.

Combining her qualifications in occupational therapy, hand and upper limb, and STIM with her practical skills in clinical reasoning, splinting, scar management, swelling, client education and exercise prescription, Vicki enables people with hand and upper limb issues to do, be and become better.

Through the clinic connect service Vicki offers short term locums around Australia, so that her colleagues can take a well earned break.